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Using CoffeeDNA

Your Preference + Our Knowledge = Awesome Coffee

Coffee is Love. Coffee is Life. 

Coffee Starts Your Day.
It is a shared indulgence of delicious energy in the morning,
shared conversation with co-workers & friends.  
It is an afternoon pick-me up, & an evening date.  
We believe Coffee experiences are to be loved & shared.
Share coffee experiences here at CoffeeDNA.

Master your coffee experience with CoffeeDNA

Our pledge to you: If you fall in love with coffee as much as we have, it will change your life. Remember, how you treat your coffee reflects how you see life.

So, take time to love the experience.  Make it yours, learn to caffeinate your way. Our platform is not to sell you specific coffee.  We share everything coffee related so you can master your coffee experience.  

Why CoffeeDNA?

CoffeeDNA is like it's name:

DNA is unique to you. Your coffee should be unique to you too. DNA is also a road map, instruction for your body. CoffeeDNA is a map too. Subscribe to unlock all the instructions you need to master your coffee experience & have fun doing it!

Your Preference + Our knowledge = Awesome Coffee. Please do try this at home!

Calling All Coffee Enthusiasts

From beginner, to lover, to addict & everything in between...

What does coffee mean to you?
How you have your coffee is how you see life.
Together, let's discover the right coffee for you.

CoffeeDNA is a group of coffee enthusiasts, including baristas, coffee roasters, chefs, and regular Joes to help you travel the world to find the right coffee experiences for you.

We zoom into your coffee space for training & tips - whatever you need to master your coffee experience.

Depending where you are at in your coffee experience, start in different places on the site (check out the divisions below).  But, in the end, with your preferences and using our knowledge, we all end up in the same place: Awesome Coffee Experiences!

Love Coffee?

Can’t get it quite right for you? We take you through step by step & giant leap by giant leap. From modern & trendy, to traditional & un-conventional; discover how to caffeinate your way! Start in the Caffeinate page and work down. Join our discussion forum to go further.

New to Coffee?
The world is at your feet. The future is with you. Don't feel overwhelmed. We can guide you through everything until you master your coffee experience. We suggest starting with the Good Coffee section – just follow the yellow brick road (the black & white dotted line below)

Coffee to Entertain?
You don’t need to enjoy coffee alone!  You and your friends can go on coffee experiences together. Travel the world in 80 cups, experience coffee traditions, finding the one for you and your friends (and you don’t have to stop at one – try them all!).

Join Us & Be Amazing

CoffeeDNA Story archive

Can’t travel right now? Dive into these Coffee Stories, be in-country with our Coffee Reporters
& learn what you are going to try next…

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Experience Now

Learn about the different aspects of coffee making; from picking the right beans, to the different brewing methods & length of time. Find new gadgets & sustainable tips to create your perfect cup of coffee & keep up to date with the latest coffee trends.

Master your experience, wow your friends, travel to new coffee experiences without leaving home and order coffee like a professional.  Join us today to caffeinate your way!

Relaxing with a Latte, New Zealand
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