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Meeting The Team

Our Team is made up of Coffee Masters, Coffee Lovers, Coffee Enthusiasts, Coffee Beginners & Everything/Everyone In Between.....

On a mission to ensure EVERYONEcan have a great coffee they like, Becky started sharing her expertise. Now, that sharing has grown into a community dedicated to quality coffee and innovation. In an ever increasing community of Coffee friends from around the world, CoffeeDNA shares discoveries, helps lower the price of coffee experiences, and raises money for charity - all at the same time!

Coffee Reporters
Coffee Reporters share with you their coffee culture, habits, discoveries & Tips. Our Coffee Reporters are made up of baristas, a chef and lots of regular Joes. Becky remains our Coffee Master (like a Jedi Master but on Caffeine). Check out the Coffee Reporter profiles below – and if you want to get involved email and tell us how you want to contribute 😊

Coffee Beginners
These are the awesome people that keep us grounded.  By asking questions, everybody can question taken for granted coffee habits. Only then can we innovate. So, next time some-body says "Don’t put coffee in cheese", You can say: "But wait - Somebody did!" Check out our coffee news section to learn more:Coffee Cheese

About CoffeeDNA

Why we started our mission?  Here is our story......

The Beginning.....

Let me share my love for coffee with you.  At 2-years old, I power-launched myself across a kitchen table to drink the amazing smelling coffee on the other side. I was disappointed when it didn’t taste the same as it smelt.  From that day forward, I have been on a mission to create the perfect cup.


First, I focused on barista skills, and meeting my mentor Pauly Smith, I also studied cocktails. Pauly supported me to become third in the National Barista Championships and second in the National Cocktail Championships. I judge competitions now, trying to inspire the next generation with my enthusiasm.


Adding to my brewing experience, Nepresso's international training programme for Managers opened up the world of blending. I created my first blend. But I was disappointed again when I took it to Taiwan and it didn't taste right. What was different? I went back to basics - humidity and temperature - key attributes in brewing coffee. That started a new quest to blend and brew coffee that tasted great in Taiwan (or any high humidity country) as well as New Zealand.  


Finally I found it, working with Immigrants Son, a fantastic Wellington Roastery.  Now I’m joined by Coffee Reporters in my love and passion to perfect my cup (of any beverage) and help you perfect yours.  Meet our Coffee Reporters below.

Meet Our Coffee Reporters

Coffee Editor: Mako
Having graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, Mako Osborne is now a coffee editor and reporter at CoffeeDNA. As an enthusiastic coffee beginner, Mako is exploring and immersing herself into the unique art and culture of the coffee world.
Emanoelle Santrer, Bio-Scientist, is a teacher, freelancewriter, interpreter and author of several scientific articles published in well regarded journals, perpetually fueled by coffee she enjoys enlightening others about obscure and little known facts about the world around her.
My name is Anna Ocampo, right now I live in Colombia and I am an artist and English teacher passionate about tea and coffee.
Chef Pankaj
By night Chef Pankaj delights us with his stories of coffee culinary experiences and by day and night he is the proud owner of Syah, Fine Dining Restaurant, in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. His innovations have won him acclaim as Chef of the Year in 2013 and one of the Indian 40 chefs under 40 to watch.‍
Vanessa loves COFFEE! Owning nearly every kind of coffee-related gadget, she is excited to share the unique aspects of Hong Kong coffee with us all! Vanessa shares her passion for coffee with a passion for cats and travel. Sadly she can’t combine the cats and travel, but coffee and travel are high on the agenda. By day, she is also a photographer and marketer.
Barista Lautaro
Lautaro Silgueira is both a passionate Barista and a Content Creator in Argentina. This makes him perfect to share his knowledge of coffees from different regions, cooking with coffee and constantly sharing new trends.He likes to explore and describe cultures. To know more, follow him on the blog!‍
Sumana Chakraborty is a successful entrepreneur, marketer, motivational speaker, and a career coach, all achieved with honesty and dedication. Above all, she is a coffee maniac. She wants to celebrate every taste of coffee from iced, hot, sweetened, to black with creamer, sugar, or stevia. Now, she is sharing her results with you.
Roseza is from Lebanon, a country she tells us takes its coffee very seriously! When Roseza is not offering coffee to guests and sampling the regions best coffee, she teaches English, is a translator, author and avid reader.

Artisan Blend

The art of artisan coffee
Caffeinate your way

Developed by our award-winning barista, Becky Chin.

Coffee DNA's Signature Coffee - Artisan Blend is an exotic mix of Latin & South American coffee beans. The blend brings sophistication to your cup.

Roasted in New Zealand's #coolest little capital - Wellington

Coffee DNA - Artisan Blend is a dark roast. Delicately aromatic with an intensely rich depth of flavour & a silky-smooth finish.

Caffeinate your way – for brewing recommendations join-us!