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Making it Simple:

There are two choices when defining good coffee. What the professionals say and what you like.

CoffeeDNA provides resources to know what the professionals say, so you order like a professional, use the right terminology and can judge the quality of barista-made coffee.

Even though the professionals have perfected their cup, what you like may be different. We help you find the perfect cup for you.

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What is good coffee?

What does all the jargon mean?
Let's break it down...

What makes a good coffee to a barista?
CoffeeDNA teaches you everything the industry calls a great cup of coffee.

Knowledge is key in understanding how to get the most from your coffee & equipment.
Knowing how to bring fresh water together
with the right beans, brew time, correct use of equipment, & temperature to create a wonderous & harmonious blend.

Also how to add extras that really make a coffee sing!

Your Preference
How do you like your coffee? Strong? With milk? Do you prefer a sweeter cup, with whipped cream and sugary treats?

Understand your choices: in purchasing coffee, in a cafe environment, and at home. Find out more about what you like, what you are buying as well as discovering methods and flavours.

No one can tell you that what you think is good, is wrong for you. CoffeeDNA is here to help you find the perfect way to caffeinate your way!

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Things to think about when
choosing your black coffees & white coffees...

Black and white coffee is not as simple as it sounds...

What is the difference between the array of black coffees available to order at your local cafe? And what are all the white coffees? Find out about the distinguishing features each cup has as you look closer into what makes a coffee black or white, and explore blends that don't quite fit into either side.

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order like a professional

Sound good when you are out & about
Know how to order what you want & get what you ask for....

For all your answers & more
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To order your perfect cup at a cafe, you want to take into consideration the strength of the coffee, size of the coffee, the temperature, type of milk, sides you can order, and all the extras.

When you're ordering do you know the difference between:
single, double, and triple shot?
Different type of dairy and non dairy milk?
All the extras you can ask for to enhance your coffee experience?
All the quirky technical terms to make your cup of coffee perfect?

Coffee beans

Do you know what a good coffee bean is?
Do you know what your options are?

The first step in making a good coffee, starts with your beans. To choose the right beans for you there are four aspects of "coffee beans" you need to think about:

Type, Origin (Profile), Roasts (L.M.D), and Blends. Each of these will make a big difference to your coffee. From the aroma all the way through to the aftertaste.

Let's help you understand and find how to enrich the best qualities so that you can create a perfectly balanced coffee for you.

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Brew Methods

Finding a brew method that suits your coffee drinking style

See these methods in action,
choosing what works for you.
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Find Your Gadget Now

So many choices... what should you choose?: V60, Syphon, Plunger, Stove Top, Drip, Cold Brew, Ice Brew... and of course Espresso?

Enjoy watching coffee being brewed or prefer short, sweet and need it yesterday?

Your gadgets and brew methods change the flavour. Do you want: bold flavours, vibrant aroma, full bodied kick, deliciously tangy or laid back and smooth?

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Any membership unlocks all the web-resources for you.  However, new content is being added all the time so the longer you commit the more you will master and more fun you will have.  PLUS, one-year membership also opens up chat-rooms and in-person events.  Those showing a commitment to mastering their coffee experience are also included in competitions, spot prizes and celebration gifts when CoffeeDNA reaches new milestones.   

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How does CoffeeDNA raise money for charity?

Your membership enables us to raise money for charity, by selling coffee on your behalf.  For every month of membership commitment you make to CoffeeDNA, we donate a bag of coffee. Each bag raises approximately $5.00NZD for donation to a charity in Taiwan and New Zealand. You indulge in caffeinating your way and you lend a hand to someone in need.  Win-Win!

What do I do if I want to cancel my membership?

We will be sad to see you go and hope you tell us why. But you can cancel at anytime by emailing us and we will stop sending you links, information and inviting you to CoffeeDNA events. There is no refund if you cancel early, as we will have already donated coffee to raise money for charity and scheduled the future information sessions related to topics of interest to you.

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