Get introduced to an aromatic brew method

Today I am going to share a sacred coffee ritual for all those coffee lovers who want to embrace manual brewing. Will you believe if I say that brewing coffee can actually save your hard-earned money? All you need is quality decaf choices. Then you can spend your precious 5 minutes with your favourite coffee beans and roaster or simply push buttons and act as a pour-over artisan.

If you want to prepare coffee at home, let's start with my favourite brew method.

An easy and spectacular brew method

Now at first, try to invest in an automatic or a manual grinder to grind coffee. It's true that burr grinders offer you consistent grind, but you can always pick a budget-friendly option.

Coffee aficionados even count their beans and focus on boiling point as well. For example, if you take 60 coffee beans, the boiling point should be below 212 degrees. Keep in mind that if you are taking three fourth cup of water, you need 38 ounces or 2 tablespoons of coffee. Let's not make it too complicated. Always measure everything by using a small measuring cup. It will make the whole process a piece of cake.

The process

• At first, you have to make sure that the grind is perfect before brewing. Whole beans are always the right choice.

• After finishing your branding part, you have to heat spring water. The boiling point should be 200 degrees.

• Now put beans and splash them to awaken those grinds and wait for 30 seconds. Then you can pour remaining water.

• Now you just have to wait for 3 minutes, and your perfect coffee cup is ready to serve.

Why are whole beans the perfect choice?

Which one is your favourite? Whole beans or pre-ground coffee? My favourite is no doubt, whole beans. You must be wondering why! That's because pre grounded beans don't have oil flavour. This flavour is trapped inside the coffee beans. That is why when oils get exposed, they are oxidized and start losing their aroma and moisture within just 15 minutes. So if you really want to capture that aromatic flavour of coffee beans give paramount importance to a fresh grind. It's time to wake up your dearest one and serve this aromatic hot coffee. Your love will fall in love with you, inevitably once again.

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